Organization Info

Employment for Seniors
Type: CBO
Sector: Employment and Senior Care
City: Columbus
Best Practice Program: Advocacy for Mature Adults in the Workforce

Organization Mission

To empower mature adults to reach their desired employment potential by providing personalized employment assistance, strengthening partnerships with employers and the community, and promoting awareness through advocacy and education.


Employment for Seniors

For over 40 years, Employment For Seniors, Inc. has helped over 10,000 mature adults find jobs, largely by helping employers recognize the strengths seniors bring to the workforce.

Employment For Seniors Brings Strong, Experienced Job Candidates to Local Employers

fOver the past four decades, Employment For Seniors, Inc. (EFS) has been helping mature adults to find employment in a culture that sometimes diminishes the value of seniors as workers. Through community partnerships and individual assistance, EFS assists adults 50 years of age and older to find valuable employment opportunities—free of charge. It does so by advocating for seniors among local employers as job candidates with strong skills, maturity, and reliability, then referring mature adults with job openings. Since its inception in 1972, EFS has posted over 19,913 jobs and registered more than 31,575 new clients. Over 10,846 clients have reported having found employment.

Employment For Seniors provides a variety of services: guidance and support from volunteer job counselors; workshops and programs to broaden career options and focus on particular needs; job referrals; advocacy to the employer community on the benefits of seasoned workers; and an annual Career Expo, featuring extensive career educational programs and networking with local employers.

In 2015 alone, EFS

  • Served over 800 new clients and approximately 5,000 currently registered clients
  • Provided 6,000 job referrals and over 10,000 additional units of career search services
  • Posted 1,222 new positions, a 10% increase over 2014
  • Held a successful Senior Career Expo that included 20 employment search workshops with 51 employers and resource agencies and reached 700+ participants

Carol Ventresca, Executive Director of EFS, notes that the agency has used the same operational model for the past 40 years, providing seniors with the resources, tools, and confidence they need to step back into or continue in the workforce. With an exceptionally lean staff, EFS relies heavily on volunteers–such as its 10 volunteer job counselors, 20 board members and others who provide assistance for the computer network, marketing, event planning, financial needs and office support.


Ventresca says EFS’ most valuable service to the community is its advocacy and education efforts that let local employers know that seniors are able, dependable, competent, and talented. Employers often see younger workers as innovative and energetic, and do not have an appreciation for the value of older workers in their organization. Ventresca counters that seniors bring maturity and years of experience to the workforce; their valuable knowledge, aptitude, and abilities bring great strength to an organization. Employers have found success with mature job seekers, she reports, who possess critical traits honed over years in the workforce—traits such as lower absenteeism, low turnover, fewer mistakes and sufficient follow-through, strong loyalty to their employer, and a solid work ethic.

EFS also offers a free job posting service for local employers. By using our system, Ventresca says, “job postings reach thousands of EFS clients, and employers can receive a solid pool of qualified candidates, instead of merely a large number of applications.”